Friday, 24 November 2017

Monday, 9 October 2017

Reading Notes: Debuggers vs. Logging

"We find stepping through a program less productive than thinking harder and adding output statements and self-checking code at critical places."
Professional Java for Web Applications, by Nicholas S. Williams

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Completable Futures

Process concurrently all the files in a directory tree.
The files store integers, separated by line endings.


My solution:

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Does IT Industry Need Better Namings?

Does IT Industry Need Better Namings?: The IT industry borrows terms from other domains, which is a fairly good approach. But we distort their meanings or use terms in inconsistent ways, within IT and also in comparison to other disciplines. This article shares some of these leaky terminologies with examples, explains why this matters and suggests how to deal with inconsistencies and improve the situation.